Based on decades of experience and manufactured with high quality materials, our instruments and sensors are competitively priced and designed to simplify day-to-day activities for metallurgists, melt technicians, and plant managers. Browse our products to find the best fit for your needs.


TS-1 Handheld Pyrometer

The TS-1 is sturdy, accurate, easy to use, portable and dependable, making it the ideal molten metal temperature measuring instrument for ferrous foundries a...

WM-1 Wall-Mount Pyrometer

The WM-1 is sturdy, accurate, easy to use, and dependable, making it the ideal molten metal temperature measuring instrument for ferrous foundries and steel ...

FL-1 Thermal Analysis System

The FL-1 is an accurate, easy-to-use, rugged, thermal analysis system designed for foundries. It determines iron chemistry parameters from the cooling curve ...

CC-1 Calibration Checker

The CC-1 provides quick and accurate calibration checking for Pyrometers and Lab analyzers. The device generates cold-end compensated voltages corresponding ...


MD-10 Multi-Dip Thermocouple Tips

SYSCON Sensors MD-10 Multi-Dip Thermocouple Tip is a high precision, non-splash probe, ideal for small furnaces and ladles in slag-free metal. It provides qu...

MUL Multi-Use Thermocouples

SYSCON Sensors MUL is an expendable, multi-use, non-splash, and high precision thermocouple probe. With the thermocouple tip protected by ceramic fiber and f...

SUL Single-Use Thermocouples

SYSCON Sensors SUL is an expendable, single-use, and high precision thermocouple tip. SULs are suited for a wide range of molten metals - Iron, Steel, Copper...

MD-K Multi-Dip Type-K Thermocouple

SYSCON Sensors MD-K Multi-Dip Type-K thermocouple is an accurate, non-splash probe, ideal for all furnaces and ladles when melting lower temperature metals a...

Sampling Cups

SYSCON Sensors high precision and expendable sampling cups, with or without Tellurium are used with an FL-1 or similar thermal analysis system to determine t...

Steel Samplers

SYSCON Sensors Immersion Star Steel Samplers are designed for the Iron and Steel industry to aid in the secondary refining process by obtaining quick, solid,...


To ensure our products meet your stringent needs, SYSCON Sensors offers free samples at no charge. To request your free five-piece sample of our MD-10 Multi-Dip Thermocouple Tips, submit a request and we’ll prepare your shipment so you can see for yourself.

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