MUL Multi-Use Thermocouples | Sample Pack

MUL Multi-Use Thermocouples | Sample Pack


Quantity: 5 Per Box

SYSCON Sensors MUL is an expendable, multi-use, non-splash and high precision thermocouple tip. It is suited for a wide range of molten metals - Iron, Steel, Copper, Bronze, and Aluminum. The MUL tip fits snugly on SYSCON Sensors TS-1 Handheld Digital Pyrometer.

The specially formulated, ceramic, non-splash sleeve is designed to eliminate splashing and resist slag adhesion, extending the number of dips. The aluminum foil on the cardboard tube adds extra protection and enables more readings per MUL, reducing overall cost. The unique combination of ceramic fiber, aluminum foil, and the high-density paper tube keeps the contact block and lead wire cooler.


  • Economical = more temperature readings per MUL
  • Protective, non-reactive, ceramic, anti-splash sleeve
  • Ideal for larger furnaces and ladles
  • Compatible with most hardware and instrument systems
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Quick Shipping from USA


Thermocouple Type

Type S, B

Thermocouple Accuracy


Calibration Standard


Type S temp range

400°F - 3182°F
205°C - 1750°C

Type B temp range

400°F - 3308°F
205°C - 1820°C

Dimensions (Cardboard tube for MUL)

OD” 1.125” (28.5mm)
ID: 0.71” (18mm)

Aluminum Foil Thickness

3 mil (0.0762 mm)


With Aluminum Foil

12” long, Type S, MUL with 5” fiber sleeve and 7” Aluminum foil


12” long, Type S, MUL with 9” fiber sleeve and 3” Aluminum foil

Without Aluminum Foil


4” long, Type S, MUL with 4” fiber sleeve


6” long, Type S, MUL with 6” fiber sleeve


8” long, Type S, MUL with 8” fiber sleeve


12” long, Type S, MUL with 12” fiber sleeve


PDF iconMUL Multi-Use Thermocouples Data Sheet

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