MD-K Multi-Dip Thermocouple - type K

MD-K Multi-Dip Thermocouple - type K


Quantity: 5 tips per package

SYSCON Sensors Multi-Dip Type-K (MD-K) thermocouple is a high precision, non-splash probe, ideal for all furnaces and ladles when melting lower temperature metals and alloys. The Type-K tip is very long lasting – remaining reliable and accurate over hundreds of dips. The MD-K is available in various lengths and can be securely mounted on lances used with the SYSCON Sensors TS-1 Handheld or WM-1 Wall-Mount Digital Pyrometers.

The Multi-Dip thermocouple tip is designed for foundries, continuous casting tundish, runners, furnace, ladle, and vacuum-melting operations. It meets clean melt requirements and does not contaminate metal.


  • Suited for wide range of non-ferrous molten metals including Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Copper, Gold and Silver
  • Durable, long-lasting, and versatile
  • Non-splash probe designed for safety
  • Rugged thermocouple with fast response time
  • Ideal for various measurement locations: ladle, furnace, tundish, and metal stream
  • Compatible with lances for SYSCON Sensors TS-1 Handheld and WM-1 Wall-Mount Digital Pyrometers


Thermocouple Type

Type K

Thermocouple Accuracy


Calibration Standard


Recommended Temperature Range

400°F - 2462°F
205°C - 1350°C



Multi-Dip thermocouple tip, Type-K XX: tip length: 8”, 12”, 15”, 18” WW: lance wire length: 31”, 43”, 55”, 72”


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